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Martin Type 167 Maryland / 72-205 /
1. Martin 167F Maryland Mk.I Unit: 771 NAS, FAA. Serial: Ar720. Twatt, Scotland, August 1942. The 771 was the only squadron in the FAA to operate the Martin Maryland. They were used for training and target towing. This This aircraft (Skipper commander G.A. Rotherhan) spotted Bismarck in Norway waters, on 1941 May 22nd, during her trying of 'escape'. Crew: Lt.N.E.Goddard, Cdr G.A.Rotherham, LA J.D.Milne and LA J.W.Armstrong.

2. Martin 167F Maryland Mk.I. Unit: 771 NAS, FAA. Serial: 2 (N114). Gibraltar, June 1941.

3. Maryland Mk.II Unit: ? Sqn, RAF. Serial: P. North Africa.

4. Martin 167F Maryland "Che Rolland" Unit: GR I/22. Serial: F-BAHC (N266). This airplane was used from July to September 1942 for liaison purpose to Madagascar, via Djibuti. It was christened 'Cne Rolland' in memory of Commandant-en-second (deputy commander) of GR I/22 who died in August 1941.

5. Martin 167F Maryland. Unit: Escadrille 7B, Aeronavale. Serial: 6 (N264).Circa 1941.

6. Martin 167F Maryland A3. Unit: 2 Escadrille, GR I/61. Serial: 23 (N174). Blida, Algeria, end of 1940.