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Tupolev SB Part-2 / 72-293 /
1. SB 2M-100A Serial: '0' . Advancing German troops captured this late production SB 2M-100A in the Summer 1941. It is camouflaged in Medium Green upper surfaces and Light Blue undersurfaces. 

2. SB 2M-103 (SBbis) Unit: 367th BAP Serial: 304 Crimean Front, Autumn 1942. 

3. SB 2M-103 (SBbis) Serial: 2. This late production SB 2M-103 was assigned to a VVS Bomber Aviation Regiment in middle of 1941. It is painted in the Medium Green  over Light Blue camouflage typical of many late SBs at the time.

4. SB 2M-100 Unit: 5th AE, 44th BAP. Serial: 3. This aircraft was lost on January 30th, 1940, following an accident caused by pilot error, while operating against Finnish forces in the Winter War 1939-1940.

5. SB 2M-100. Unit: 7th SAD. Serial: 4. Riga area, Summer 1941.

6. SB 2M-100. Unit: 137th BAP, 14th Army AF. Serial: 6. This aircraft took part in the 'anti-airfield' raids in Northern Norway in Winter 1941-1942.

7. SB 2M-100. Unit: 13th SBAP. Serial: 1. Western Special Military District. This a/c was shot down by German ground fire at Vitebsk area in August 1941.

8. SB 2M-103 (SBbis). Unusual camouflage scheme.

9. SB 2M-100. Unit: 1st MTAB, Baltic Fleet. Serial: 10. Circa 1941. Aluminium overall.

10. SB 2M-100A. Serial: 4. Soviet crews hand-painted Green patches over the upper surfaces of this natural metal airplane in middle of 1941. German fighters damaged this bomber soon after it took off on 22nd June 1941, when German forces invaded the Soviet Union. It made a 'wheels up' landing after the aerial battle.

11. SB 2M-103 (SBbis). Unit: 24th SBAP. Serial: 4. This aircraft was shot from on December 1st, 1940 over Viipuri (now Vyborg) by ground fire.

12. SB 2M-100. Unit: unknown. Serial: 8. Probably invasion to Poland in Autumn 1939.