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Avro 683 Lancaster / 72-296 /
1. Lancaster B.Mk.I. Unit: 16th TRAO, Belomorsk Military Flotilla. Serial: 01 (ex ME559). Crew commander - V.Sh.Evdokimov, navigator - V.Ya.Andreev. One of the six Lancasters abandoned by British at Soviets airfields in Archangelsk region. Two of 
them were repaired in served with Soviets. This Lancaster was unarmament and used for transport and patrol since January 1945.

2. Lancaster B.Mk.I. Unit: 44 (Rhodesian) Sqn, RAF. Serial: KM-O (R5540). RAF Waddington, England. This aircraft was lost in a January 1943 crash.

3. Lancaster B.Mk.I. Unit: 9 Sqn, RAF. Serial: WS-Y (LM220). The depicted Avro Lancaster Mk.I flew with 9th Bomber Squadron in Bardney. It was equipped with extended drop gear to hitch the 'Tallboy' heavy bomb. This airplane took part in two attacks of German battleship Tirpitz which was anchored in Kaafjord in Norway, being piloted by F/Lt W.Tweddle.

4. Lancaster B.Mk.I "Jak Bus". Unit: 300 Sqn, RAF. Serial: BH-B (PB705)

5. Lancaster B.Mk.III "Uncle Joe" / "100 UP TONIGHT". Unit: 463 Sqn, RAAF. Serial: JO-U (ED611). Waddington, September 1944. 

6. Lancaster B.Mk.I "Uncle Joe Again!". Unit: 463 Sqn, RAAF. Serial: JO-U (RF141). Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK, winter 1945.

7. Lancaster B.Mk.I. Unit: 12 Sqn, RAF. Serial: PH-V (W4794). Wickenby, Lincolnshire, UK, 1942.