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Lisunov Li-2 / 72-291 /
1. Li-2. Unit: unknown. Serial: 6 (c/n.1848703). Beginning of May 1944.

2. Li-2. Unit: 23rd OAP GVF. Serial: 406. Berlin, Germany, 1945-1946.

3. Li-2VT. Unit: 53rd Squadron of ADD. Serial: 34. September 1944.

4. Li-2. Unit: unknown. Serial: 04 In 1950.

5. Li-2. Unit: 2nd AE, 338th VTAP. Serial: 02. Crew CO Capt.V.I.Gassiev. This aircraft was shot down and crashed near the Phone Savan airfield in Laos on February 22nd, 1962. Four crewmen killed. Note: Laotian markings. Several Soviet Li-2's with crews operated in Vietnam and Laos in 1961-1962.