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Aero L-29 Delfin / 72-318 /
1. L-29. Serial: 104. Air Force Traning College at Barnaul, 1972. 

2. L-29. Seria: 08. Zaporozhye, 1996.

3. L-29A "Akrobat". Serial: 0517 (c/n 390517).

4. L-29. Serial: 0105 (c/n.290105). The a/c served with Aviation College at Presov, it bearing emblem of black owl sitting on the yellow crescent.

5. L-29. Serial: 0902 (c/n.490902). Production L-29 of Air Force Training College at Kosice entered service with standard 'Soviet' colour scheme of natural metal finish with red trim and bands.

6. L-29. Unit: VSZ-103. Serial: 0108 (c/n.290108). Military Research an Test Establishment (VSZ-103) at Prague-Kbely. On this a/c was tested special antireflex (low visibility) paint.

7. L-29. Unit: 2.SBoLK. Serial: 2845 (+3404). Malacky AB.

8. L-29RS. Serial: 715 (c/n.792407). Training College at Nan-Chang.

9. L-29. Unit: Pilots and Technical School 'Killian Gyorgy'. Serial: 374 (c/n 591374). Pilots and Technical School 'Killian Gyorgy' at 
Szolnok, in painting scheme used during early 1970s.

10. L-29. Unit: unknown. Serial: 08.

11. L-29. Unit: GI Training Regiment. Serial: 82. Pleven AB.

12. L-29. Unit: c/n 591233. L-29 c/n 591233 originally operated by 1st Training Regiment received new paint during the overhaul after the service in Nigerian AF, when overhanded to Ghana Air Force in 1989.

13. L-29 Serial: U-510 (c/n 993328). The a/c operated from Entebe Air Force Base. The later Udandian camouflage scheme.