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Heinkel He 60 Part-1 / 72-330 /
1. He.60. Serial: 1R+UH Murmansk area. Camouflage: RLM 72/73/65.

2. He.60. Unit: FSS(See)Stettin. Serial: S6+E02 Stettin, Germany.

3. He.60C. Unit: 1./SAGr.126. Serial: D1+EH. Aegean Sea, 1942.

4. He.60C. Unit: 1./Ku.Fl.Gr.206. Serial: 60+A21. List, Germany, 1936-1937.

5. He.60C. Unit: 5./Bo.Fl.Gr.196. Serial: 6W+QN. During 1940.

6. He.60C. Unit: 5./Bo.Fl.Gr.196. Serial: 60+E95. Wilhehnshaven, circa 1939. Machine appears to be overall RLM 02 with silver floats and the conventional markings of the period, with the addition of what appear to he red and white hands around the nose and a row of circular patches along the length of the fuselage. Alternatively these discs may he painted markers for filming purposes during some kind of trial. The unit badge was curried on both sides of the nose.