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Finnish Air Force in the Winter war / 72-332 /
1. Fokker D.XXI (2nd series). Unit: 1/LeLv 24. Serial: 4 (FR-91) Pilot - Eino Karlsson, Immola airfield, October 1939.

2. Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: 2/LeLv 24. Serial: 8 (FR-117). Pilot - Risto Olli Puhakka. Immola airfield. February 1940. Flown this aircraft he shot down one SB-2 over Kavantsaari.

3. Fokker D.XXI (1st series). Unit: 3/LLv 24. Serial: FR-76. Code: 8; unit: 3/LeLv 24; Pilot - Sgt. Mauno Mikael Frantila. 
Ioroinen airfield, March 1940.

4. Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: 1/LeLv 24. Serial: 7 (FR-112). Pilot - Iorma 'Joppe' Karhunen, February 1940.

5. Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: 3/LeLv 24. Serial: 7 (FR-110). Pilot - Victor Piutsia. Immola airfield, April 1940.

6. Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: 4/LeLv 24. Serial: 3 (FR-106). Pilot - Eino Ilmari Uutilainen. Uutsino airfield, December 1939.

7. Fokker D.XXI (4th series). Unit: 2/LLv 30.Serial: 2 (FR-124).Fokker D.XXI having American engine Pratt and Whitney R-1535 Twin Wasp Junior. With the code FR-124 partially overlayed with yellow band, the identification mark of the planes fighting against Soviet Air Force, it flew also in 1941.

8. Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: LeLv 24. Serial: 4 (FR-114). Pilot - Ýðõàðä Ôðèéèñ (Danish volunteer). On January 30th, 
1940 flew this aircraft he shot down Soviet CB bomber.

9. Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: 3/LeLv 24. Code: 3; Unit: 1/LeLv 32; January 1942. The emblem of the 1st flight in 1942-43 was a ramming ram on the frontal fuselage side panel. White number on rudder was from the 1/LeLv 32.

10.Fokker D.XXI (3rd series). Unit: 3/LeLv 24. Serial: 4 (FR-104). Pilot - Lt.E.Luukkanen. Utti, 1st December 1939.

11. Fi.156K-1. Unit: LeR 1. Serial: ST-112. In 1939. The Finnish Ministry of Defense ordered two Storchs from Germany on 31 December, 1938. Those were delivered by sea in May 1939. ST-112 was bought by Stanley Brothers, Lahti, and registered as OH-VSF on 4 July, 1960; on 20 October, 1964 the aircraft was registered to G. Hollsten, Dragsfjard, as OH-FSA; between 7 November 1969 and 29 December 1971 it was owned by Wihuri-yhtyma Oy Lentohuolto, Helsinki, until the aircraft was cleared as scrapped. It was donated to Finnish Aviation Museum and is displayed at the museum facilities in Vantaa.

12. MS.406 C1.Unit: 2/LeLv 28. Serial: 3 (MS-318, N604). Pynaejaervi, March 1940. The plane wore still its French camouflage and the red lateral identification number as well. Note the star on rudder what represents the first pilot's victory.

13. Fiat G.50. Unit: LLv 26. Serial: FA-1. Code: 1; Unit: 3/LeLv 26; Pilot - Olli Puhaaka, Helsinki-Malmi airfield, March 1942.

14. Fiat G.50. Unit: KoeL. Serial: SA-1. Pilot - Capt.Olavi Ernrut. Tampere airfield, January 1940.

15. Blenheim Mk.I (series I). Unit: 1/LLv 44. Serial: BL-117. January, 1940.