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Douglas F4DF-6 Skyray / 72-297 /
1. F4D-1. Unit: VMF(AW)-114, USMC. Serial: 10/EK (BuNo.139197) The Marines flew the Ford as well, including this F4D from VMF(AW)-114. Circa 1958. This particular Skyray also flew for the Navy with VF-51. When the Marines got it, the card suit emblem went up on the rudder, and the tail code EK was applied. 

2. F4D-1. Unit: VF-162, US Navy. Serial: 114/AF (BuNo.134843) Circa 1955. 

3. F4D-1. Unit: VF-13, US Navy, Serial: 106/AK (BuNo.139120) CVA-38 USS Shangri-La, circa 1961.

4. F4D-1. US Marines Code: 8/WH; unit: VMF(AW)-542, USMC; MCAS El Toro CA, 1960.

5. F4D-1. Unit: VF-74, US Navy. Serial: 101/AF (BuNo.139150). CVA-11 USS Intrepid, circa 1959.

6. F4D-1. Unit: FAGU, US Navy. Serial: 24/TR (BuNo.134774). NAS El Centro, circa 1958.