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A6M2-N "Zero" Part-1 / 72-343 /
1. A6M2. Unit: ATAIU. Serial: ATAIU-SEA (ex BI-12). ATAIU - Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit.

2. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: 934th kokutai. Serial: 934-06. Pilot - Chief P/O Matsunagi Etioku - the best Japanese hydro-ace (8 victories). Ambon Island, September 1943.

3. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: 802nd kokutai. Serial: NI-118. Pilot - 1st Lt.Keizo Yamatsaki. Solomon's Islands, February 1943.

4. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: 5th kokutai, 5th kantai, Kashima Naval Air Group. Serial: KoShi-103. Kashima AB/Ibagari, 1944.

5. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: unknown. Serial: Yo-180. Aleutian Islands, 1943-1944.

6. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: 5th kokutai. Serial: R-106. Kiska, Aleutian Islands, September 1942.

7. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: 802nd kokutai. Serial: NI-112. Solomon's Islands, 1943.

8. Nakajima A6M2-N Ku-101 of Takuma Ku, Japan in August 1943. This heavily weathered Rufe reveals the original amber- grey factory scheme and in red-oxide primer beneath its very dark green camouflage.

9. Nakajima A6M2-N Sa-104 of the Sasebo Ku previous subject as it was in factory fresh condition when photographed. Unusually for Rufe the prop is dark brown with yellow tip stripes and the spinner is painted dark green. This aircraft carries underwing bomb ravks.

10. Nakajima A6M2-N Serial: R-106 of the 5th Ku at Kiska lsland in the Aleutians, August 1942. This aircraft is in the factory scheme with “ ghosting” around the fuselage.

11. A6M2-N Type 2. Unit: 81st kokutai. Aleutian, 1943.