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Sopwith Camel Part-1 / 72-340 /
1. 2F.1 Ship's Camel. Unit: RNAS. Serial: N6602. HMS Furious, April 1918. 

2. F.1 Camel. Unit: 28 Sqn, RFC. Serial: G (B6344). Pilots: Capt. James Hart Mitchell (from October 1917 to May 1918 he flew this aircraft and claimed 6 confirmed victories, five in Italy), Lt. N.C.Jones (in January 1918), Lt. P.G.Mulholland and Capt. O.M.Sutton.

3. F.1 Camel Unit: Syren Force, RAF Serial: F4055.

4. F.1 Camel. Unit: 45 Sqn, RFC. Serial: S (B2494). Circa 1917.

5. F.1 Camel. Unit: 9 Sqn, RNAS. Serial: B6327. Circa 1917.

6. F.1 Camel. Unit: 112 Sqn, RAF. Throwley, Kent, August 1918.

7. F.1 Camel. Unit: 28 Sqn, RFC. Serial: X (B2455)
Pilot - Lt. E.G.Forder (Canadian). On 11th May 1918 CO of Flik 60J . Oberleutnant Linke-Crawford forced him to landed at Feltre airfield. 

8. F.1 Camel. Unit: 43 Sqn, RFC. Serial: B (B5192) Circa 1917.