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P-38 Lightning / 48-036 /
1. P-38j 42-67940 7F-M My Pig flown by Lt. Jack M.Jarrell Jr. of the 485th FS 370th FG

2. P-38j 44-23511 HS-U Arkansas Travele flown by Capt Owen Fincher of the 495nd FS, 367th FG

3. P-38j 44-23677 HS-A Liitle Buckaroo flown by Maj Robert Buck Rogers of the 492nd FS, 367th FG

4. P-38H 44-66682 161 Screaming Kid flown by Lt. Col. John Losel of the 432nd FS, 475th FG

5. P-38J 42-67449 H5-Q Miss Mass flown by Lt. V J.Noble of the 20th FG, reassigned to the 367th FG

6. P-38J 43-28746 23 Mloney s Pony flown by Capt Thomas E Maloney of the 27th FS, 1st FG