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British Royal Navy Corsair / 72-359 /
1. Corsair F.Mk.I. Unit: 1855 NAS, FAA. Serial: 5F (JT150) October 1943.

2. Corsair F.Mk.I. Unit: 1835 NAS, FAA. Serial: 5P (JT172) Brunswick, Maine, late 1943. The colours are Ocean Grey and Dark Slate Grey, with Sky underside. The FAA was the first arm to operate the Corsair from carriers, well before the US Navy. The British pilots were trained in Maine and then sent back to the UK.

3. Corsair F.Mk.II. Unit: 738 NAS, FAA. Serial: 3BB (JT238) Circa 1943. Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark State Grey upper surfaces, 
with Sky undersides.

4. Corsair F.Mk.II. Unit: 759 NAS, FAA. Serial: Y2F (JS636) During 1944-1945. 

5. Corsair I JT139 (F4U-1 BuNo.18161) 8M flown by SubLt B. Laren, RN of 1837 Sq, Brunswick NAS, 23 August 1943.

6. Corsair II JT190 (F4U-1 BuNo.17612) 7M flown by LCDR Alfred J. Sewell, RN of 1837 Sq, Brunswick NAS, 3 October 1943.

7. Corsair F.Mk.I. Unit: 1835 NAS, FAA. Serial: 5K (JT168) September 1943. Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark State Grey upper surfaces, with Sky undersides.

8. Corsair F.Mk.I. Unit: 1831 NAS, FAA. Serial: 112/A (BuNo.14875) HMS Vengeance. 1945.

9. Corsair F.Mk.II. Unit: 1830 NAS, FAA. Serial: 7X (JT441) HMS Illustrious, East Indies Fleet, 1944.

10. Corsair II JT 410 (F4U-1 BuNo.56283) T8-H flown by Sub Lt Donald J Sheppard, RCNVR of No. 1836 Sqn, HMS Victorious, January 1945.5 Kills.

11. Corsair II JT 427 (F4U-1 BuNo.50082) TR-H flown by Maj Ronald H Hay, RM of No.47 Wg, HMS Victorious, January 1945.
3 Kills.