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Petlyakov Pe-2 / 72-361 /
1. Pe-2 "Leningrad-Kenigsberg". Unit: 34th GvBAP. Serial: 26. Crew commander is 1st.Lt.N.D.Panasov. Poland, August 1945.

2. Pe-2 (265th series). Unit: 125th GvBAP, 4th GvBAD. Serial: 95 (c/n.7/256). Crew commander: Gv.2nd Lt.Shelikova (woman). 
Balbasovo airfield, early Summer 1944.

3. Pe-2. The crew of Lt.Ovsyannikov, photographed in August 1945 (probably at Far East Front), flew 107 missions with this Pe-2 on the Leningrad Front. The aircraft decorated with three orders of the Red Banner. Most probably the airplane wore some serial code.

4. Pe-2 (31st series). Unit: BAP, Northern Fleet. Serial: 8. Temporary winter camouflage. Winter 1941-1942.

5. Pe-2 (220th series). Unit: 161st GvBAP, 2nd GvBAK. Serial: c/n.3/220. Crew commander: Gv.Lt.Matveev. On 20th February 1944.

6. Pe-2
Unit: 3rd IAK. Serial: 1. A Petlyakov Pe-2 operated by the 3rd Fighter Air Corps . (IAK - htryebitelniy Aviatsionniy Korpus) in 1943. The emblem of the 3rd IAK (a winged star) is painted on the nose. The camouflage is heavily weathered, especially on engine nacelles and the rear fuselage. Note two small windows on the fuselage side aft the canopy.

7. Pe-2. Unit: 140th BAP. Serial: K. Estonia, 1944. 

8. Pe-2. Serial: NS+BA. On 29th January 1944.

9. B-32 (Pe-2FT). Unit: 1.Letka, Bombardovaciho Pluk. Serial: LV-11. Czechoslovak post-war Petljakov Pe-2FT's were painted with Grey-Blue on upper surfaces and with Light-Blue on bellow surfaces.

10. Pe-2 series 1. Unit: 2/PLeLv 48. Serial: A (PE-211). This photo-reconnaissance aircraft was issued to Capt. Jaakko Ranta when he led 2/PLeLv 48 at Onttola in August of 1944.