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Polikarpov I-153 "Chaika" Part 2 / 32-026 /
1. I-153 Unit: JVS 3. Serial: 101. Vienna-Schwechat, 1942. The plane was used as an advanced fighter trainer.

2. I-153 Unit: Stab./Luftlandegeschwader 1. Serial: H4+MB.

3. I-153 Unit: 3/LeLv 6Serial: 6. Pilot - Kapteeni Per-Erik Ahonius, CO of 3/LeLv 6. Rompotti, USSR (now Russia), July 1942.

4. I-153 VH-12 was captured and flown by the FAF. The aircraft was lost when it crashed, due to an engine fire, near Someri Island on 9 July 1942.

5. I-153 Unit: 3/LeLv 6. Serial: 5. 21 I-153s were operated by Finland, these were either captured from the Soviets or bought from Germany. White 5 is seen here as it appeared on 30 October 1942 with olive drab and black/green uppersurfaces over RLM65 bottom.

6. I-153. Unit: 3 /LeLv 6. Serial: 8. This plane was flown by 2nd Lt Olavi 'Olli' Puro, 3./LeLv6 in November 1942. Puro claimed two victories while flying this aircraft: I-153 on 4 October and Pe-2 on 12 November 1942.