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Hawker Sea Hurrikane / 72-383 /
1. Sea Hurricane Mk.XII. Unit: 800 Sqn, FAA. Serial: Js327. Canadian-built Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk. XII, wearing US insignia 
though with the British Royal Navy. It served in No. 800 Sqn. of the Fleet Air Arm, and was in US markings for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa, in 1942.

2. Sea Hurricane Mk.IIb. Unit: 880 Sqn, FAA. Serial: 7-F (AF966) HMS Indomitable, Indian ocean, May-June 1942. Operation Ironclad - invasion to Madagascar.

3. Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib. Unit: 801 NAS, FAA. Serial: F (Z7153). HMS Eagle. Operation Pedestal.

4. Sea Hurricane Mk.I. Unit: 800 NAS, FAA. Serial: M (P3114). Royal Navy Air Station Gosport training unit, February 1940.

5. Sea Hurricane Mk.IIb. Unit: 768 NAS, FAA. Serial: M2-K. Macrihanish, August 1943.

6. Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib. Unit: 801 NAS, FAA. Serial: 7H (V7077). This aircraft was piloted by Sub-Lt.Hutton of FAA (Fleet Air Arm) 801st Squadron operating from HMS Victorious flight-deck. Operation 'Pedestal' (Malta Island fuel and ammunition supply, 'Battle of Malta'), August 1942.

7. Sea Hurricane Mk.IIc "Nicki" Unit: 835 NAS, FAA. Code: 7-K. HMS Nairana, June 1944. With this plane, Sub-Lieutenant A.R.Burgham claimed a Ju.290 May 26th, 1944. It is probable that the insignia was only carried on the right side. Contrary to the land based planes, the embarked aircraft often presented their decorations on the right side, the one visible from the 'castle' of the aircraft carrier.

8. Sea Hurricane Mk.IIb. Unit: 800 Sqn, FAA Serial: 7-C (P5206). Pilot - Sub-Lt.A.J.Thompson. HMS Indomitable, Operation 'Pedestal', August 1942.

9. Sea Hurricane Mk.Ia. Unit: 760 NAS, FAA. Serial: W9-D (Z4822). Yeovilton, August 1942.

10. Sea Hurricane Mk.IIc. Unit: 768 NAS, FAA. Serial: K1-F (Nf728). Inskip, December 1944.

11. Sea Hurricane Mk.IIc. Unit: 825 Sqn, FAA. Serial: G (NF668) D15 HMS Vindex, March 1944.