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Spitfire Aces of Northwest Europe 1944-45 Part 1 / 72-382 /
1. Spitfire IX ML214/5J of Sqn Ldr JA Plagis, No 126 Sqn, Bradwell Bay, July-December 1944.

2. Spitfire IX ML296/DU-N of Flt lt O Smik, No 310 Sqn (Czechoslovak) Sqn, Digby, July-September 1944.

3. Spitfire IX MK984/ZF-R of Sqn Ldr W Rettinger, No 308 (Polish) Sqn, B10 Plumetot and B31 Londonieres, France, August-September 1944.

4. Spitfire IX MH910/RF-G of Flt Lt E Szaposznikow, No 303 Sqn (Polish) Sqn, Westhampnett 1944.

5. Spitfire IX Mk734/DL-C of Flt Lt JW P Draper, No 91 Sqn, Deanland, August 1944.

6. Spitfire IX MJ586/LO-D of Sous- Lt P H Clostermann, No 602 ‘City of Glasgow’ Sqn, B11 Longues, France, 28-29 June 1944.

7. Spitfire IX MK379/FU-? Sqn Ldr D H Smith, No 453 Sqn RAAF, Ford, June 1944.

8. Spitfire IX ML407/OU-V of Flg Off J A Houlton, No 485 Sqn RNZAF, Selsey, Coolham, Funtington and Tangmere, May-August 1944.

9. Spitfire IX MH883/VZ-B of Flt Lt G F Beurling, No 412 Sqn RCAF, Hutton Cranswick and Biggin Hill, January-February 1944.

10. Spitfire IX ML 119/JX-B of Sqn Ldr D G S R Cox, No 1 Sqn, Manston, January-March 1945.

11. Spitfire IX MK 805/SH-B of Sqn Ldr C P Rudland, No 64 Sqn, Bradwell Bay, 5-8 September 1944.

12. Spitfire IX MJ311/W2-W of Sqn Ldr R L Spurdle, No 80 Sqn, West Malling, July-August 1944.

13. Spitfire IX MK520/3W-K of Flg Off J Jonker, No 322 (Dutch) Sqn, Deanland, August 1944.