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Spitfire Aces of Northwest Europe 1944-45 Part 2 / 72-386 /
1. Spitfire XVI TB900/GE-D of Sqn Ldr R A Lallemant, No 349 (Belgian) Sqn, B106 Twente, Holland, and B113 Varrelbusch, Germany, April-May 1945.

2. Spitfire XVI TB752/KH-Z of Sqn Ldr H P M Zary, No 403 Sqn RCAF, B114 Diepholz, Germany, April-June 1945.

3. Spitfire XVI TD 246/ GRM of Gp Capt G R McGregor, No 126 Wing, B116 Wunstorf and B152 Fassburg, Germany, July-August 1945.

4. Spitfire XVI TB 476/2I-D of Sqn Ldr A H Sager, No 433 Sqn RCAF, B90 Kleine Brogel,Belgium, March 1945.

5. Spitfire XVI TD 324/SS of Wg Cdr R W F Sampson, No 145 (French) Wing, B85 Schindel, Holland, April-May 1945.

6. Spitfire XVI TB 756/DN-H of Flt Lt J D Lindsay, No 416 Sqn RCAF, B114 Diepholz and B154 Reinsehlen, Germany, 24-28 April 1945.

7. Spitfire XVI TD 126/AU-C of Sqn Ldr J D Browne, No 421 Sqn RCAF, B90 Kleine Brogel, Belgium, March 1945.

8. Spitfire VII MD 120/NX-O of Sqn J J  O’Meara, No 131 Sqn, Culmhead, March-June 1944. 

9. Spitfire VII EN 509/ON-G of Flt Lt W J  Hibbert, No 124 Sqn, Bradwell Bay, 31 May 1944.

10. Spitfire VII MD 182/YQ-E of Flt Lt G A  Harrison, No 616 ‘South Yorkshire’ Sqn, Culmhead, 4 June1944.